Monday, 24 January 2011

Game Reviewer Archive: Fat Mann Judgeth (UrinatingTree) videos now online

For one reason or other, it seems every video game reviewer goes through a 'mid-life crisis', a symptom of which is the systematic removal of all traces of their work from the Internet in an attempt to move on.

Tired of his favourite video game reviews constantly disappearing from YouTube, Guru Larry, AKA Larry Bundy Junior, AKA That Bloke What Used to be on Games World has taken it upon it himself to create an archive of such videos for us all to enjoy 'til our backsides fall off.

Larry is currently in the process of adding Hellsing and Urinating Tree videos to the Game Reviewer Archive, a noble quest to create a one stop shop (except it's not really a shop because it's all free) containing the best the web gaming community has to offer. It's growing nicely, too, with each new uploaded video upscaled to 480p, so now (well, soon) you can watch your favourite Armake21 videos in supreme quality.

For my part, I've already contributed a bunch of UrinatingTree vids which have been uploaded to the channel over the weekend. I have a fairly comprehensive selection of these, and am in the process of exporting them all one by one in mp4 to try and clean up some of the little glitches and bugs in the original upload. It's by no means a quick process, especially with most of my time eaten up by real life commitments of late, but eventually I plan to get through them all. Next up is Superman, and after that who knows?

Urinating Tree's Batman Forever review (Warning: profanity)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

International Cricket Captain 2001 [PSX] Guerrilla Review

I absolutely love the International Cricket Captain Series and intend to do some proper reviews about it one day, but in the meantime here's a jolly jape recorded one evening last week.

The actual full length video is over 35 minutes, but I'm sure you'd find that rather boring so here's a massively cut down version containing mainly the review elements. It's still quite long, but more suitable for public consumption. I plan to upload the full version somewhere at some point, in case you're interested.

Finally, apologies for the quality. I really need a new camera, or at least try and get my computer recording sound again. Meantime, try and enjoy this if you can :-)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Armake21, AKA BoxedEntertainment, speaks about the closure of his latest YouTube channel (January 2011)

Update July 2011: I'll just leave this here.

Revisiting some of the files I've been bringing together for Guru Larry's (postponed?) Video Game Reviewers archive, I noticed that Armake21 has once again closed his YouTube Channel.
Bummer! I was gonna download some better quality versions of his Action 52 epic, which I think is fantastic.

Here's an explanation from the man himself.
"I'm guessing Marcus just got tired of the bullshit" - Yeah, pretty much.

There are a few who are going to write off that account closing as drunken behavior, but I knew exactly what I was doing at the time. I had left a notice on the sidebar that also warned that I would be closing up shop, but I'm guessing very few people paid attention to it, but to make a long story short-

Things had been going downhill for a while, and I have come to accept the almost rapid decline in quality when I decided to do the "Context Sensitive" series, and in turn attempted to combine a game review series with an storyline to be followed at the same time.

That said, I knew that if I made a big deal of my leaving the review scene and in general YouTube(I keep this channel just to watch vids and occasionally comment), the vultures would swoop in and call it a "cry for pity" as they have before, but also that if I just closed up shop with almost no warning, the vultures would swoop in anyway, and in the process make as many of the remaining fans of both the old and new works think I did it to be a asshole.

That said, I will always remember the comments and response from various people, both the good and bad, and in the end I learned and grew a whole lot, both when it comes to making videos, but also about my own strengths and weaknesses, and I learned to accept that even I could, and did screw up things more then once.

So to all the old and new fans of these videos, and anyone who has left a comment on my previous accounts in the past, know this-

You all contributed to me growing as a film maker, and as a person. So from me to you:

Thank you.
There you have it. Armake is presumably still active over at the Dead Horse Interchange, which he jumped on board with some months ago. For the uninitiated, it's basically run by Mr Montmorency and includes many of your old favourites such as the Fat Mann and Ebeeto. As you might expect, it's horribly profane and toilet humour filled, just the way we like it.

still exists, and the above comment from Marc0 was actually posted as a comment there, so you can still check out his work there.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Metal Gear Solid [PSX]: Dumb Guards (with commentary)

Oh man, this commentary was loads of fun to make. Such is the timeless nature of MGS guard slaughtering, there's still plenty here for those who've seen the original machinima version. In fact, you might possibly be slightly amused by some of the additions since that video, so watch this now!

Apologies for any dropoff in quality from the original recording. This only appeared after I exported the thing, I swear!

Also, Happy New Year!