Thursday, 29 December 2011

Goldeneye 007 [N64] - Christmas Day in Severnaya

No James Bond on telly this Christmas Day? Oh well, console yourself with this video, which I suppose you could term a Christmas Special. It is December, after all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Beer.

Apologies for any minor audio leakage. Just erm, pretend it isn't there.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Retro Yakking Christmas Tape 2011

Have a seat, kids, and let me tell you a story.

Long, long ago, before even the Game Boy camera, there existed a thing known as VHS. People could copy programmes off the telly and share them with other people without being branded a pirate supporting terrorism, druggies and David Cameron.

Before long, the people who lived in the television decided to record themselves doing very silly things to try and make their friends and family think they were cool. Each year, these recordings were brought together in a Christmas tape, a combination of extreme profanity, poor acting and general tomfoolery. It truly was the precursor to user-generated internet television.

While snooping around the Retro Yakking communal kitchen for scraps of food, I stumbled across a tape marked 'donot play [sic]'. After reviewing its contents, I think you should see it. But remember this one thing: it's twenty minutes of dreadfully rehashed content that wasn't good enough for general release. And when you remember 'general release' means 'uploaded to YouTube', you get a better understanding of the level of quality were talking about here.

Includes general outtakes, some bloopers from Pokemon Green and a binned Spiderman TV Boy II review. Merry Christmas, ya bums!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Fly In The Sky (Barnstorming) on TV Boy II (Atari 2600 clone)

It's a little known fact that bored (or perhaps hard-up) 1920s agriculturalists would rent out their farmland to stunt pilots with a little too much time on their hands. That's the story of Barnstorming, in which you must fly your biplane through barns of solid stainless steel while avoiding pesky low-flying ducks and various impregnable towers in an attempt to beat your own record time.

This recreation of said pastime for the Atari 2600 is a pleasant short-term time killer, but if you want to earn your Flying Aces patch, you can spend an afternoon or two attempting to complete the first three levels within Activision's target times:

Game 1: 33.3 seconds
Game 2: 51.0 seconds
Game 3: 54.0 seconds

Looks like I have quite a way to go yet, eh? Fortunately, the courses on modes 1, 2 and 3 can be memorised for maximum exploitage as the barn layouts are precisely the same each time. Mode 4 is the expert's level, and as such is totally random.

Can't really comment on how faithful a conversion this TV Boy emulated version actually is as I haven't played the original Atari version. I will say, however, that the weird graphical glitch on the first video (which very nearly made me scrap the recording altogether) is down to the TV Boy's incompatibility with my 2011 Toshiba HD TV rather than the system itself. Seems I must dig out the old CRT to test this theory.

Take one (pants version)

Take two (slightly better version)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

More pics from Replay Expo 2011, Blackpool

Just a few more bits from this month's Replay Expo. Images in this post are screenshots from video shot on the Saturday (5 November) to give a bit of a taste of the afternoon without you having to use up bandwidth on videos and stuff like that.

Hope you enjoyed them! The more eagle-eyed among you will have also noticed this screengrab of a Vectrex over at Bite Sized Muppetry, and that I haven't posted any videos of that console... so far.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Replay Expo 2011, Blackpool: An illuminating experience [Video review]

Harry Yack takes a trip to the home of donkeys, expensive lighting and billions of bed and breakfasts. No time for sausage 'n' chips or walks along the promenade, however, as the 2011 Replay retro video game type thingy was also taking place just down the road at Norbreck Castle.

Footage here was taken on the first day of the event, Saturday 5 November. Highlights included a cosplay parade (not featured), prize raffle (not featured) and a wet T-shirt contest (not really). There was also a full itinerary of talks and competitions taking place during the day, so this video merely skims the surface of the delights on offer. And no, I'm not talking about the hamburgers.


Retro Console Zone
Retro Computer Corner - 4:18
Prince of Persia (Commodore SX-64) - 5:11
Pinball Alley - 6:33
Pac-Man (Arcade) - 8:05
Epoch TV Vader - 8:39

...and a bunch more mildly 'entertaining' vignettes.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Replay Expo, Norbreck Castle, Blackpool, 5 November 2011 [Photos]

Video of Saturday's antics at Replay will be online as soon as I can edit the footage together. In the meantime, console yourself (groan) with this tasty selection of photographs from the main hall. Click for full size.

Retro Corner. Absolutely bustling, you'd have struggled to find yourself a machine here.

Playing some Duck Hunt on Nintendo.

Breaking News: Giant sheep eats miniature pony.

Bomberman madness. Even better on a large screen TV!

Halo tournament in progress. Didn't enter in time, which is probably good thing as I would have been slaughtered.

Space Panic Arcade cabinet.

Super Mario Kart - Yoshi vs. Bowser.

More retro goodness.

More from Retro Corner.

Commodore Amiga.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 30-31

Fool, otherwise known as Dr Aochider, infiltrates the highly secretive Rocket Member hideout for (slightly more family friendly) exploits in Pokemon Green Engrish.

Bonus - Silly quotes
  • Rocket Member: "..., Who are you? How do you come?"
  • Rocket Member (on losing): "Why! Defeated!"
  • Rocket Member 1: "What is the fellow who has slipped into MISSILE?"
  • Rocket Member 1 (on losing): "Drop or fall suddenly ...!"
  • Rocket Member 2: "You can see an unseen ghost using the silluff Observator The boss said so."
  • Rocket Member 2 (on losing): "What a mess!"
  • Rocket Member 3 (on losing): "Ah! Won't it do?"
  • Rocket Member 4: "Hi! Comes a contact from the upper floor!"
  • Rocket Member 4 (on losing): "Lost..., Fool!"
  • Rocket Member 5: "But, Don't trouble MISSILE. This is for you."
  • Rocket Member 6: "Ha,ha,ha! What's the meaning of that lift can be used? Who has the key?"
  • Rocket Member 6 (on losing): "No, no!"
  • Rocket Member 6: "That's all, ...! The key of lift... is specially hided!"
  • Rocket Member 7: "A lost-way boy. Are you the... of lost way boy?"
  • Rocket Member 7 (on losing): "Why?"
  • Rocket Member 8: "You, blokes! Don't you understand the materstroke of MISSILE's evil deed!"
  • Rocket Member 8 (on losing): "Crying or other sound."
  • Rocket Member 9 (on losing): "How wronged but defeated!"
  • Sakachy: "Ah! Welcome to this place. Do all the evil deeds using all the PET in the world The money-made MISSILE! I'm the head Sakachy! If you resist against me I'll let you have to pay for it!"
  • Sakachy (on losing): "Ah,ah! That is simply foolish!"

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Super Mario Bros. [NES] - A Tale of Violence, Vagabondage and Vegetarianism

Critical piece discussing the fungus fancier's first console outing, chronicling the conception, controversies and downright LSD-fuelled insanity of Brooklyn's most prominent pudgy pipe plunger. Nah, not really. I just reiterate the really obvious, half-humorous observations of other people.

Huge thanks to Chipmaster for the game footage and Shigeru Miyamoto for his agreeing not to have me banned from Mario Kart online.

Apologies for taking so long to release this. I did plan to make more of it, but decided to put an end to the hype and finally release it as-is. I bet you're well chuffed :P

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 29

AKA Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Androgyny in Pokemon Green Engrish by Dr Aochider. Fool takes a trip to the Hippy Gym in Flash Town for more non-wholesome antics. Creepy or what?

Bonus Quotes
  • Miniskirt: "Ah! Man! Hey! This is the place that only girls can enter!"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Really rude!"
  • Sister: "Hi! All are girls. Feeling bored?"
  • Sister (on losing): "Too bored!"
  • Sister 1: "Hi, ..., look! This is my PET! the type of cultivated grass. Very easy, very good."
  • Sister 1 (on losing): "Bored!"
  • Girl Scout: "Why! Aren't you the man peeping at the window just before?"
  • Girl Scout (on losing): "Blinking one's eyes with astonishment."
  • Trainer (yes, that's what it's called in the game): "Welcome to lightning city gym! you'd better not be negligent don't think they are girls, !"
  • Miniskirt 1 (on losing): "Ah! This fellow!"
  • Sister 2: "Your interest is...? Yes, ...! I slightly interest in PET."
  • Sister 2 (on losing): "The skill is exactly good!"
  • Allic: Oh...! How nice the weather! Too comfortable! ... ..., si.breathe ... Ah, It won't do! It even got sleep. ... Hi! Nuisance! Is it an application? Then... I'll never loss!"
  • Allic (on losing): "...! Here I come! It's really Everyone are strong. This rainbow badge must be given to you."
  • Allic (again): "Ah, ...Are you compiling the illustrated handbook PET, aren't you? Extremely excellent! I only want some beautiful if It's me!"
  • Girl Scout: "You! Trustly don't peep at? There are many in recent."

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 28

Dr Aochider has completed another 12-minute segment of the mammoth decryption task that is Pocket Monsters Green, and has kindly posted it here for you all to enjoy/berate as you see fit.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Kid: "My Dejars! It is caught on the Island of Red Lotus! It is... that may spray out poisonous gas when getting angry, is a good boy."
  • Madwoman: "How beautiful the city programme is! It is pround. Flash town, playing corner have been built! Too bad!"
  • Cheapo billboard: "Here is Flash Town Flash is rainbow-like, the colour of dream"
  • Oldman: "Ha ha! Put the coin in to bet, Lose again! If you have plus coins, it's better to change it into prize I knew that long ago, but...!"
  • Madowman 2: "Ther are also coin machine throwing up at different place."
  • Madman: "Oh, this is just the words we say here... All the people... are spreading... that this play yard belongs to... of."
  • Rocket Member: "I am watching this poster! If you hinder me I'll let you to have to pay for it!"
  • Rocket Member (on losing): "Beast!"
  • Sideburns bloke: "H'm. Find a method. longs to own that Ghost Boly! But it's difficult to win in the coin-drop game!"
  • "How cheap abulletin board. Effective card, can protect PET from special attack of fire, water and lightning 16#e-"
  • Missile: "Why you look at me? Go away or I will beat you!"
  • Fat dude: "Speak quietly..., engulf looks like there is a basement ...under the play corner."
  • Blabbermouth Guard: "Don't touch the propaganda put up on the play corner! Not at all having hided the switch behind."
  • Kid 1: "Wahoo! Do you meaning the travel? My sister, I like it too much!"
  • Boyfriend: "Why...? It should be a journey with the girlfriend alone. But!"
  • Randy old bloke: "Hi! Hi! This gymnasium is good! All are girls!"

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Australian Rugby League [Mega Drive] - Harry Yack's great cash-in special [2/2]

Wigan (otherwise known as Simpsons FC) take on the might of Castleford (also known as Fiji) in a battle for Mega Drive Rugby League supremacy in EA's Australian Rugby League. This game, the counterpart to Rugby World Cup 95, stands alone as the system's one and only rugby league game. Since there is no competition, I guess this qualifies as the MD's best simulation of the sport, and it isn't half bad.

Australian Rugby League is basically RWC95 tweaked to include league's slightly different rules, which can be considered both a good and bad thing. On the negative side, all the bugs have been carried across and those kicks are still difficult to execute perfectly. On the plus side, EA have implemented some slight improvements such as player numbers for easy identification. Additionally, the sport of rugby league seems to translate to video game form marginally better, at least in terms of confusion levels; those ball releases in RWC95 were a proverbial female dog to control. ARL is a bit simpler to comprehend for the non-rugby aficionado and those more familiar with American football.

There are still no fist fights though. :(

Friday, 7 October 2011

Rugby World Cup 95 [Mega Drive] - Harry Yack's great cash-in special [1/2]

In the Mega Drive's lifespan of approximately eight years, the world saw tens of titles looking to emulate the grand old sport of football. Sensible Soccer, Super Kick Off and countless FIFA titles courtesy EA Sports graced Sega's premier console, most of which enjoyed a modicum of success piggybacking various domestic and international football competitions.

Somewhere in all of this, its noticeably more hands-on cousin was lost in a quagmire of freshly churned Saturday afternoon mud. Rugby fans were starting to feel left out - up to now, Mega Drive owners only had Domark's International Rugby to satisfy their virtual rucking and scrumming urges. In 1994, Electronic Arts came to the rescue with a brand new rugby title that only slightly borrowed from a certain commercial soccer series. With such promising pedigree and with the 1995 World Cup on the horizon, how could it possibly fail?

For those with a vested interest, Rugby World Cup 95 is a decent simulation of the sport. EA's trademark isometric viewpoint lends an element of individuality, while the FIFA International Soccer-style menus add familiarity. Doesn't cover up the fact they were blatantly stolen though, does it? :P In fact, it's all very FIFA. This does not prove too much of a problem, however, for it's certainly playable.

Though the controls are relatively easy to get to grips with, the kicking mechanics are somewhat difficult to master even after you've been mucking about with the game for about a week. As we know too well, however, no game is without its flaws (perhaps excepting maybe the odd Mario release), and the odd bug --such as occasional player invisibility-- doesn't necessarily detract from fun factor.

For those with not a sliver of interest in rugby, you could happily go about your everyday life not even knowing this game exists. Then again, you could say that about countless Mega Drive titles, so I suppose I'm being unfair. I guess I'm trying to convey the point that while Rugby World Cup isn't exactly essential, it is a worthy time-killer.

The burning question for rugby fans alike remains thus: how does this game shape up in comparison to International Rugby? Soon, my friends.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 26-27

Yet more general bumbling in Pokemon Green, Engrish version with Dr Aochider.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Rocket Member: "I'm tired you go to and fro before me! Don't look down upon the rocket projectile!"
  • Random trainer: "This fellow (his Pokemon, stood beside him) is my colleague! A soft thing! It met stones in water, and evoluted into such a soft thing!"
  • Cheapo bulletin board: "... The Clitty Clippor will be easy to hit home. ..."
  • Deformed Buddhist Bloke: "The bachelor life isn't lonely as he is encircled by PETs! Niss in my family sometimes pickes up some money or something else."
  • Bespectacled computer programmer: "Why? That's a programme!"
  • Sign outside penthouse: "I can see through whatever."
  • Chalkboard: "Connect with your friend's GB, the miss on the right of the bar will to lead the way."
  • Legend: "The first floor is service desk... The first floor is shop... TRAINER, The second floor is the shop... to monopolize TV and player, The third floor is a cleverman... to give away, The fourth floor is an anaesthetic shop... The top floor is automat."
  • Sign outside elevator: "Here is elevator."
  • Bloke shopping: "Silvery spraying isn't good at it PET can't run out, Oh! Is it named sprayinginsecticide with an antipersonnel power?"
  • Salesclerk: "Welcome! . ya! PET at last we ended! Don't you finish? Then. Give you a good thing."
  • Kid: "Write down the names who have stolen and record and opponent PET,"
  • Creepy Game Boy Kid #1: "Quick to come! Ghost baby! I, is a Ghost fanatic! Ah, ...? The Ghost transferred has become another PET!?"
  • TV Screen 1: "円"
  • TV Screen 2: "This is a shadowbox game! ... Looks like someone!"
  • Guy in shop: "You'd better buy a toy Pipi for your girlfriend! It's now warmly welcome!"
  • Shouty kid: "I've heard a good news thatwhen PET is rushing out, through the toy Pipi, and then PET can be attracted by it that is to see that you can flee."
  • Sign: "The top floor,..., is a rst square... an automat."
  • Brother: "My younger sister is a nobody of PETTRAINER!"
  • Sister: "H'm...! Brother! I'd like have some fruit juice! Would you mind giving me some?"
  • Sister (After receiving water): "Wah! Can you me a cup of water? Thank you for your hospitality! Give you my treasureto express heartfelt thanks!"

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hamburger (Fast Food) on TV Boy II [Atari 2600 clone] - You're Getting Fatter!

It's time for more food-related fun and frolics courtesy Fast Food --or should I say Hamburger-- for the Atari 2600. This particular version of the game, which is plagued with colour emulation problems, can be found on the Akor/Systema TV Boy, an unlicensed clone console thingy in the shape of a controller.

Fast Food is exactly as the title claims: it's really fast and has lots of food in it. Your dismembered mouth is charged with the task of consuming grub for points, which you will soon find quite an addictive concept. After drawing you in with novelty value, the game soon presents quite a challenge as the various burgers, milkshakes and tortilla chips come at you quicker than John Prescott when he hears the buffet's open. It becomes increasingly difficult to dodge the purple peppers (AKA pickles or sausages) which will inevitably lead to a debilitating, gassy death - the things whizz by so fast you can't help but inadvertently swallow them.

I won't go so far as to say this is the best game on the TV Boy, but it's certainly my favourite, even if it does require ever-better lightning reactions as you advance through the difficulty levels. In years gone by we coped with this typical Atari requirement much better, but even today much enjoyment can be found in gobbling up items of unhealthy food. And I'm not just talking about in real life.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 25

Dr Aochider is your guide for the latest instalment of this never-ending (yet somehow highly intriguing) Pokemon playthrough.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Miniskirt: "Round and light likes a toy PET! ..., how about you?"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Stop! To my Pipi, don't be too rude!"
  • Gamble: "I'm still a vagrant gambler."
  • Gamble (on losing): "...! Why you let the first go?"
  • Science Man (on losing): "Beyond my understanding!"
  • Miniskirt 2 (on losing): "But, why,"
  • Science Man: "Study is also a good thing..., but PET is also good."
  • Miniskirt 3: "Such range likes as flowers in a row on the range."
  • Miniskirt 3 (on losing): "Go too far! All are lovely PET. But"
  • Science Man 2: "You, PET, looks very strong. But, are you good at science?"
  • Science Man 2 (on losing): "Suddenly fall"
  • Woman: "Do you often go there? How convenient there selling various commodities in lightning shop."
  • Bloke: "Recently it is said there apears some dazzy PET in Kerria City."

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Dentist (Plaque Attack) on TV Boy II [Atari 2600 clone] - Extracting some fun

Welcome to Plaque Attack, a dentist simulator in the form of an Atari space shooter. Your ship, a miniature tube of toothpaste, is tasked with defending a giant's mouth from the advances of floating aliens resembling burgers, ice cream cones and... cassettes with hair?

A relatively simple challenge at first, it all gets rather frantic as the mutant doughnuts and candy canes flying at you from all directions become increasingly slippery. One must utilise all one's super-sharp Atari joystick reactions to eliminate all threats before the monster's teeth are rotted to mere stumps, leaving him quite literally toothless. Presumably the giant then swallows your ship in a fit of rage before purchasing a new set of gnashers and allowing you to do it all again with a new tube of toothpaste.

You can earn yourself extra teeth, to be surgically implanted in a matter of milliseconds, every couple of thousand points to extend your game just that bit longer so you can experience the thrill of evil sandwiches and Glacé cherries being flung at you in Space Invader-esque fashion.

Not quite as fun as Fast Food, a similarly food-related title on the TV Boy, but certainly a novel little idea that at least *attempts* to deviate from the usual "Aliens From Planet X" Atari fare. Except it doesn't really, because replace the tooth sprites with buildings and it's just like War of the Worlds. The sound effects are pretty stock, and not really reflective of squirting toothpaste or exploding Christmas puddings, which is a bit of a pity. Nevertheless, it earns Brownie points for fighting a noble cause against the serial (cereal?) killer that is tooth decay.

Pun courtesy Lakepalmer.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 24

Dr Aochider is back for another part of this seemingly never-ending journey through Pokemon land, Engrish style.

YouTube description

An unforgettable trip to the Aster City in Pokemon Green Engrish. Incidentally, Aster is purple, a noble colour - more noble than turquoise or aquamarine, anyway. Scary stuff.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Cheapo billboard: "Is it the haunted PET? New products! Hilluf observator! ..., Hilluf commercial firm"
  • Resident: "Recently, there appears ghosts... to haunt in the tower PET, always feels it is the spirit of PET killed by MISSILE..."
  • Boy: "You, do you think existing the ghost?!"
  • Resident 2: "This is in the tomb PET. Famous town... when PET fostered by, died, put it in the tower PET. Is there for praying..."
  • Resident 3: "It's funny! The old man Fuji isn't here! Where si he?"
  • Book: "Having won a first-class prize! Monthly, a generous gift of PET friend's! The call for antributions is. Why! Clipped!"
  • Girl: "I...! Can't forgive MISSILE! There the Haha's mother was seized and killed by MISSILE on the fleeing route."
  • Fortune-teller: "BICHO has named a rather good nickname. But, , let me give you a slight bettermane! How about you?"
  • Bloke in shop: "It is... that the grandpa is looking for. It's a tool to enhance the skill of for a while when PET is contesting. ... Don't you know the name of ... a speed promoter, that can increase the strength and enhance... specially?"

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rambler (Walker/Clown Down Town) on TV Boy II [Atari 2600 clone] - Attack of the Mr Benns

Presenting Clown Down Town (AKA Rambler or Walker), surely one of the most simplistic games for the Atari 2600. Or in this case, the TV Boy, an Atari emulator that plugs into your television and renders classic (and less classic) games in the incorrect colours and with mutilated music.

Before Super Mario Brothers, there was 'Walker' by Starsoft. You did not jump on enemies, rather avoid them for your life, for the top-hatted gentlemen blocking your way are fatal to touch. Good thing our protagonist is capable up NBA-style jumps that would embarrass even Javier Sotomayor. Once you had completed six screens of this, you were transported back to the first and a harder challenge presented. Not that difficult at first, but things certainly become tougher as the time in which you have to complete individual screens rapidly decreases upon each regeneration.

As with many Atari games, this is a fun time-killer if you have half an hour to fill, but beyond that there isn't much depth. Good thing the TV Boy has 100-odd more games for you to sample, including the much more frantic and exciting Fast Food (hint, hint). For a sedate, relaxing game, however, Clown Down Town is alright. It has some neat little graphics (even featuring what looks like a UFO!) but you'll soon get tired of seeing them. Mind you, you do tend to block them out after a while so it's less of an issue. Besides, this is Atari, and you should be grateful for small mercies.

Worth a look for its camp value.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 21-23

Dr Aochider is joined by fellow authoritative person on PET Skidgle for another live commentary segment of Pokemon Green Engrish. Here, we both attempt to navigate the Rock Mountain Tunnel without the aid of FLASH or repels. I must be out of my tiny mind.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Fanatic 1: "PET, fight! Ladies, come on!"
  • Fanatic 1(on losing): "Is it defeated?"
  • Fanatic 2: "I also drew some illustration PET and the alike whlie I was at home."
  • Fanatic 2 (on losing): "I'm so tired!"
  • Girl Scout 1: "No problem even though having a competition, but ... doesn't often come here."
  • Girl Scout 1 (on losing): "Lost!"
  • Fanatic 3: "That... does he know Karsebuly PET?"
  • Fanatic 3 (on losing): "I can't tackle this!"
  • Mountain Man 1: "Rush out if you were a man!"
  • Mountain Man 1 (on losing): "Tong 56#!"
  • Mountain Man 2: "I, having lived in mountain for a long time, will never let the foreigner tyranize here!"
  • Mountain Man 2 (on losing): "Extraordinary!"
  • Mountain Man 3: "Ha, ha! Can you defeat my power?"
  • Mountain Man 3 (on losing): "Well! Power, lost?"
  • Fanatic 4: "Are you compiling the illustrated handbook PET? Skunk! I also want to do it!"
  • Fanatic 4 (after losing): "... so, can you give it to me if you've finished comlipe?"
  • Girl Scout 2: "Yaoo! You have frightened me! Don't do any grotesque movement in the dim tunnel!"
  • Mountain Man 4 (on losing): "It is we who lost."
  • Girl Scout 3: "Ah, that is PET! Let's begin now!"
  • Girl Scout 3 (on losing): "Once more!"
  • Girl Scout 4: "I'm even here for looking for PET!"
  • Girl Scout 4 (on losing): "Here isn't PET"
  • Girl Scout 5: "Ah...! For a long time I did not go on the mountainous way, , as if I am an anaemia patient."
  • Girl Scout 5 (on losing): "..., feels not so well, no any good method."
  • Fanatic 5: "Hey, hey! Are you enjoying my PET?"
  • Fanatic 5 (on losing): "Ah! Precious little byby PET!"

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 19-20

Dr Aochider is once again your host for two more gripping episodes of the Pokemon Engrish saga. Whoever said video games had to make any sense?

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Child: "You are acting in a slick way to PET! Do that as you like!"
  • Child: "Do that as I like! Never regret!"
  • Child 2: "I'm a just-finished-become PET, TRAINER, but I have confidence to win!"
  • Child 2 (on losing): "Defeated, look at this! ... Doesn't foster PET yet?"
  • Electronic Boss: "Hello! Is my electricity safe?"
  • Electronic Boss (on losing): "It is terrible to let the old man do as he pleases!"
  • Electronic Boss 2: "Good morning! Didn't you forget turning the lamp off?"
  • Electronic Boss 2 (on losing): "I'm convinced! How strong the children in the nowdays are!"
  • Child 3 (on losing): "Hi! It is unfeasible not to foster stronger PET!"
  • Random bloke: "I is looking for LINON! .. If that is so, what time will be?"
  • Aochider's Assistant: "I remember me? Hi...! The assistant of Dr. Aochider The illustrated handbook PET 30 types were collected, give you BOOSTER Dr Aochider said so. ... Then hurry, Mr Fool! Is the PET you've caughtmore than 30 types?"
  • "PET, it looks like that sleeps comfortablly."
  • Gamble: "Because I like to have a competition, I did not choose any opponent!"
  • Gamble (on losing): "Skunk! Why don't you believe you can win?"
  • Child 4: "Be careful for the preciously fostered PET! It is the time for them to compete!"
  • Child 4 (on losing): "Bye-bye,..! Thank you, by-by!"
  • Girl Scout: "Yoo! You also have PET,..., wonderful!"
  • Mountain Man: "Haha! Just in time! I'm just feel bored!"
  • Mountain Man (on losing): You won't do yet, you won't do yet! I still believe you are.., but PET has dispeared!"
  • Juvenile: "Every morning you get up early, Pupae you fostered! Hatches at the end!"
  • Juvenile: "Hey, What do I get up very early everyday for?"
  • Mountain Man 2: "Ha, Ha! Come here, hace a try!"
  • Juvenile 2: "Our lovely insect fool! Go!"
  • Mountain Man 3: "Ha, Ha! You are a strong boy! Would you like to come and contest?"
  • Mountain Man 3 (on losing): "Why?"
  • Girl Scout 2: "I occationally go to gymnasium PET! ...,... lose, but"
  • Girl Scout 2 (on losing): "Is specially trained, but"

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 18

Dr Aochider presents the 18th part of this epic Pokemon Green Engrish playthrough. It's the longest part yet, so you can expect some failures along the way...

YouTube description

Attempting to beat gym leader Marchiss in the next gym, but first there's a minor inconvenience in the form of the bin puzzle. Well, I was slightly harsh on it, but it seems a bit tacked on. At least they tried to work in some elementary puzzles, which provides welcome variation.

The sub-par audio quality picks up after 6 minutes.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Geek bloke: "Major Marchiss's nickname is Lightning America! If let him use electric PET, his nickname seems to be Japanese one!"
  • Sailor: "Here children are forbidden whatever your PET is so strong!"
  • Sailor (on losing): "I'm taken aback!"
  • Electron Group: "I came here to deal with electricity though my poor strength!"
  • Dustbin: "Oh, the dustbin is over there. Here has a button! Try to press it!"
  • Marcheese: "Well! Little boy! Your uncomplete skill can't help you to survive on the battlefield! You must have used PETan electric shock to survive in the war! All are paralyzed and can't move any more! You'll have to go in the same way. Pledge to be true!"
  • Marcheese (on losing): "Oh no! Your strength is excellent! It's really a true skill! OK! Give you an orange badge!"
  • Marchiss: "You are super! This is a token of my regard!"

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getting to know Harry Yack (tag response) and some shoutouts (20 August 2011)

Response to CPCGamer's 'tag' with the following questions:

First block:
  1. How did you come about to make videos on YouTube?
  2. Do you drink alcohol? If yes why and what is your opinion on anti-alcoholics? If no: why not and what do you think of people who drink alcohol?
  3. What game is responsible for ripped out hair in frustration?
  4. Why did the idea of a plumber who beats up turtles turn out to be that good?
  5. What's your opinion of the social situation of your country?
Second block:
  1. How old were you when you started playing video games?
  2. What was your first console and how did you get it?
  3. What game did you love to play as a child?
  4. Which game do you play the most at the moment?
  5. Name your top 3 of current games.
  6. What game deserves a sequel in your opinion?
  7. What's your hobby and passion next to LPing?
  8. What console / handhelds do you own?
  9. Name your top 3 game series.
  10. Some final words about gaming and LPing.
Shoutouts (begin at 13:51)
Open tag to anybody watching, so respond if you feel like it.

Game is Gran Turismo 2, Seattle Endurance with the fantastic Tigra Ice Race car. Just so you know, the screw-up count is not entirely accurate, and I couldn't really do anything about the out-of-sync sound.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gran Turismo 2 [PSX] - A Reckless Life

Gran Turismo is not *really* a driving sim, is it? I mean, it allows you to smash into walls at 300km/h and not only walk away unscathed, but actually emerge with an advantage over your opponents. For a great example of this, you need look no further than the original GT, which allows you to blaze around the High Speed Ring in a mega-souped GTO without having to brake and still win.

That said, it's still a fantastic series. In fact, said 'failings' aren't always to its detriment. I certainly don't care, and will readily exploit them in attempt to even the competition, particularly in Gran Turismo 2. The computer loves entering cars over the BHP limit for any particular tournament and will ride to the finish line laughing heartily. In particular, the mega-powerful Ford GT40 can regularly be seen frequenting the 295hp Historic Cup.

All of which is fodder for a whole series of videos, but for now you'll have to make do with me attempting to conjure some humorous quips on a selection of cars in the game. Oh well, at least it's in pseudo-HD.

Regarding the closing sequence, in which I rammed the purple Focus into the side of the tunnel: because the computer AI isn't programmed to reverse and turn away from the obstacle, it continues to hammer the throttle until it wriggles free. As a result, the car spent ages slamming its front bumper against a wall and finished about half a lap down on the other competitors as a result. Bloomin' eejit.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? UK [PSX] & 2nd Edition Video review

Harry Yack takes a look back at a game so culturally significant it hardly matters.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire stood proudly atop the video games sales charts for weeks, nay months, after its release. This delivers false promise, for due to the unbelievable popularity of the TV show, every other parent who got their kid a Playstation for Christmas went out to Dixons and bought a copy. For 35 quid. In actuality, all you get is a bog-standard question and answer affair, and you know how fantastically those types of games translate to the Playstation. Exactly, they don't.

For that sort of price, you'd at least expect some half decent bonus games beyond a single fastest-finger first playoff. Sadly, you cannot take on Tarrant in hand-to-hand combat over that cheque for £64,000, nor can you go on a rampage around the Millionaire studio hunting for collectables - in this case empty coffee cartons and bottles of Benylin.

Not that it would be all that difficult, with the audience having gone home some three and half hours ago. But at least it would have offered something new beyond the entertainment you can get from simply watching the TV show on Challenge. For free. Well, not counting that hefty cable/satellite subscription Murdoch/Branson has you forking out month after month. Blasted phone hacking/hot air balloon flying media moguls.

Just a quick note: many sequences have been shortened to spare you from boredom. Also, the audio clicks you hear from time to time are not due to my video editor or the encoding, but are present in the game itself.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

International Cricket Captain 2001 PC vs Playstation

It's baseball, but over five days and with cucumber sandwiches!

A follow up to a brief(ish) look at the Playstation [PSX] version of this game. Well, it's not that funny really. Just your bog-standard intro to the game to compare it with its console counterpart. Apologies for the frame rate for the match highlights. It was a trade-off between resolution and frame rate, but in the end, due to my video editor being a fool, I couldn't export in HD anyway. Ah well, it's a bit better than point-camera-at-telly anyway.

Small note: This is the Ashes edition of the game, with only the odd extra scenario to differentiate it from the common-or-garden ICC2001.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Channel updates, shoutout and a quick question [Vlog]

It's all covered in the video. Watch and all shall be revealed.

It's my intention to get more involved in the community side of things. To that end, here's a quick update video with traditional shout-outs and such. In HD!

The game is Left 4 Dead 2 (c) Valve 2009 for the XBOX 360.


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 16-17

Join Dr Aochider for another instalment of Pokemon Green, Engrish version. Here, we advance through the Sandu Annu ship, but the path is not all smooth.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Sailor: "Dammit! It should be throwed into the sea if lost!"
  • Gentleman: "Is travelling around the world. But that fellow always sleeps I'm surprised when I found him! Really...! So PET it is!"
  • Sailor: "Look! The fish I angled!"
  • Fisherman (on losing): "All is empty!"
  • Gentleman: "Only fighting with young man is joys of life!"
  • Gentleman (on losing): A good cometition! Looks like recovering one's youthful vigour."
  • Bloke: "Can sword skill of PETcut off slender tree?"
  • Gentleman (on losing): "A rather good fellow!"
  • Woman: "There really appear many seasick men."
  • Roky: "Hello! Fool! Ah! Meet you at this kind of place...! Are you invited? Additionally, the of the illustrated handbookk PET, the data have been collected completely!"
  • Roky (on losing): "H'm...! All in all, PETall are fostered only casually!"
  • Captain: "Ah! Seasick is very painful... and."
  • Captain (on having his back rubbed): "H'm... thanks! Seems more comfortable! What, what, what! Come to see secret skill! Oh, yes! If you are in good mood, I will show you sword skill!"
  • Captain's book: "I'm not seasick. This is the captain. He is reading a book named ABC of Travel by ship...!"
  • On looking in captain's rubbish bin: "Not seeing maybe is better."
  • Sailor (on losing): "Too careless!"
  • Sailor: "Ow, ow! Let's fight to see who is stronger!"
  • Passenger: "OUch, ouch... I feel ill.., you are seasick. Get in a draught..."

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 14-15

Dr Aochider presents yet more gibberish courtesy this Engrish translation abomination. In these parts, Fool works his way through the Sandu Annu, also known as the Sandoanu.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Ship attendant: "I'm an attendant on the ship! Call me if you have something done! ... ... ... Is an uncommunicative man!"
  • Kitchen assistant 1: "I'm so busy that my head is swimming! Thank you, go there!"
  • Kitchen assistant 2: "Why! You've blocked traffic! Step aside, step side!"
  • Kitchen assistant 3: "Chi, chi. The sound of onion-skinning or tear dropping. Every day I skin onions! Chi, chi. The sound of onion skinning or tear dropping 6#E-"
  • Bin: "Crack! Crack! All are rubbish in!"
  • Kitchen assistant 4: "Hey, hey, hey hey,... Everyday I skin taroes! Hey, hey. The sound produced while working ..."
  • Miniskirt: "Nuisance! This is PET ... coming from the world!"
  • Child: "I like PET very much! Please foster PET, too!"
  • Woman: "My children and I are travelling around the world. Ha, ha, ha! Laughter!"
  • Kid: "I'm still with Buklin (presumably his Pokemon) up to now!"
  • Woman: Hey, attendant! I want to have some cake. Give me some with France flavour, please!"
  • Gentleman: "I'm a travellor! Only PET captured on the travelling way is my friend.
  • Gentleman: ... and I are friends, ..."
  • Person: "This is my partner, Gulichi [his PET], a man of great strength! He can even move the rock that can't be heavier by sheer animal strength."
  • Sailor 1: "Asilor is inseperately from scuffle, how about you? Come on!"
  • Sailor 1 (on losing): "Be bold! It is a not bad competition!"
  • Sailor 2: "Hi, come! With the spirit of sailor. Bet, you'll surely win."
  • Sailor 1: "Ha, ha, ha! Little boy, don't you become a sailor?"
  • Sailor 3: "I do like a healthy boy the same as this!"
  • Sailor 4 (on losing): "Oh, having done well"

Friday, 15 July 2011

French report on the Nintendo 64 from E3 1996 [Commentary]

Time to hop aboard our time machine for a trip back to 1996 and E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Thanks to our French (French-Canadian?) cousins, we can experience the thrill of witnessing Nintendo's brand new creation, the N64, for the first time once more. Cue ropey beta footage and blistered thumbs as a bunch of wide-eyed tech geeks attempt to come to terms with the callous-creating analogue mini-joystick. C'est très compliqué, one might say.

Footage courtesy adonfjv, Necromancylord2 and Canal+.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 12-13

Two more parts of Dr Aochider's Pokemon playthrough with a twist. Post-recording commentary is once again the order of the day, though we'll be reverting to live comms for at least the next couple of parts.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Cheap Bulletin Board: Light blue city PET, gym, the head Karsemy, frivolous toy
  • Shorts Man: From now Carsmy will become a strong TRAINER incessantly! Can't be defeated by such men as you.
  • Girl Scout: Your words are enough! Doesn't need Carsmy to enter the arena.
  • Carsmy (on losing): H'm...! It's I who lost! No any method! Give you blue badge as a proof you've won me!
  • Girl Scout: If you don't have a competition with various MISSILE TRAINER, you can't understand how well you are.
  • Woman in house: MISSILE! He'll certainly think out some evil ideas if you let PET dig hole.
  • Man in house: Ah...! MISSILE fellow! What a mess you've made in my house! The stolen SKILL MACHINE is in the desert! Teach him the skill of how to dig a hole on the ground! That is expensive
  • Rocket Member (Thief): Hello! Don't enter into other one's private yard! ... Well, I? I'm just passing by here. No any being suspect! ... Suspect?
  • Rocket Member (on losing): Ah, admired! Never done again! Please let me go!
  • Guard: I'm a serious guard. Ah... thirsty! Hi there. No passing now!
  • Child: Though very tired, you can do nothing.
  • Woman: It is said there are many thing lost in the dark undergrand tunnel.
  • Juvenile (on losing): That simply is foolish!
  • Boy Scout: Who! Who is eavesdropping our secret talking is an overhearer!
  • Boy Scout (on losing): Why you don't get win?
  • Girl Scout (on losing): Damn you! Being defeated really lose face
  • Juvenile: Ah, the face I never saw! Is it strong?
  • Girl Scout: I? ... Hm. Contact maybe is good
  • Boy Scout: What abput? Is there anything?
  • Cheapo Bulletin Board: Here is dead-leaf town, dead leaf is orange, the colour of the setting sun
  • Pokemon: Scharlichy sound.
  • Woman: I'm sweaty after sporting! Does... know it [sticky]? It comes from gum-like mud of sea
  • Old fishingman: I'm an old fishingman. Here we are! I like fishing very much. He likes fishing. Do you like it? Yes? Maybe I get along wit you well! ... Don't stand on ceremony, please!
  • Head of Hobbist Club: I'm the head of hobbist Club! The fostered PET surpass 100p! As for PET, he is really talkative! Then... do you come to hear myself-satisfactory speech? ... This is Calop dance to my liking... is so lovely that everyone fondle it admiringly.
  • Secretary: Our president of the society is too long-winded to PET!
  • Cheapo Bulletin Board: Dead leaf town PET, gym the head Marcheese, Lightning American!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 10-11

Dr Aochider returns for two more parts of the abomination that is PETTRAINER, AKA Pokemon Green Engrish version.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Roky: "You are loafing to and fro in such a place! I finally catch variety of strong and wonderful. Which, which?"
  • Roky: "What? Understand, understand!"
  • "If defeated 5 person, he will get a high-quality prize! Can win you?"
  • Roky: "Masachee is a fatastic of famous PET!"
  • Golden Ball Bridge contestants upon losing: "What a marvel!" "I can't believe it!" "I'm awfully weak." "Am I also lost?"
  • "The third come on! It doesn't so simple!" "How extraordinary!"
  • "Swing back! The fifth! I'm your opponent!"
  • "How extraordinary! Have defeated 5 person, congratulation!"
  • "Enter please! No entering? Come on! Come on! Your face doesn't like that! If you do so, you should be forced to enter! Wahoo!"
  • Rocket Trainer, upon losing: "Whelp! Is that truly feasible?"
  • Mountain Man (on losing): "Do so good!"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Not in good state."
  • Boy Scout (on losing): "Ha. Ha, ha..."
  • "Friends have many lovely PET... how angry!"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Not at all feeling wronged."
  • "It appears transmit machinery on the screen of PC!"
  • "Hello! I PET! Different! I'm Masachy! People called me the fanatic PET!"
  • Masachi: "Thank you very much! You've help me much! Why don't you come to enjoy my precious PET?" ... "It's good to have a ticket. But I don't like dance party and alike!" ... "You take the place of me and have a fun there."
  • Juvenile (upon losing): "Do not bad!"

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 7-9

These three parts of Dr Aochider's playthrough have post-gameplay commentary, hence the variable audio quality. The first two vids have also been sped up to 200% to get things moving along more quickly.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • "Shorts is useful for moving. Would you like to put it on?"
  • "Your line of vision! Always feels not good!"
  • "If you do not want to contest your line of vision don't look at closely."
  • "Hey! Have you touched me?"
  • "How painful! I was stumbled over the stone it is the flying stone of pet's!"
  • "Having fallen a pray to a plot."
  • "There are suspect men sauntered to and fro in the cave. Are you?"
  • "Be careful! Of chibater will attack quickly!"
  • "Congratulation! {MONSTER NAME} is having evoluted into {XYZ}!"
  • "Skunk! My colleagues will never be silent!"
  • "It's I who lost."
  • "Wah! In the cave, it is so spacious!"
  • "It's too spacious to find an entrance."
  • Rocket Member: "We are doing important work! Little boyes go home quickly."
  • "Really do well!"
  • "You are also, aren't you? To explore cave?"
  • Juvenile: "Finally lost, really losing face!"
  • Mountain Man: "Wah! Gives me a scare. What? Isn't he a little boy, is he?"
  • "Ah! It's dangerous for children to run in all directions in the adult world!"
  • On trying to run from battle: "No good! Don't let the opponenet see your back whilst competing intensely!"
  • On dying: "{YOUR NAME} to be exhausted!"
  • "There have found missile in the fossil! You can make much money if you let him revive!"
  • Rocket Member: "H'm, I'm angry!"
  • Science Man: "Hi! Wait a minute, this fossil is found by me. The two are all mine!"
  • "Ha! Ha...! Are you making picture pet? You look very happy!"
  • Bike Shop sign: "Grass, cave, all is OK! Miracle, cycle."
  • "I want to have a bike, too. It's Honghong's bike! I don't want to dirt it. Put it up to decorate my home!"
  • Bike Shop owner: "Yes, yes! Welcome! Here is the shop to sell miraculous bikes! It really owns some excellent goods! Do' you want to buy?"
  • "Dear guest! Your money isn't enough! Terribly sorry thanks."
  • "Do you know unimaginable rainbow trout that can't be bought in the shop? Your level maybe enhance if you foster pet to grow up at one go."
  • "Yaderlan is turning a deaf ear to anyone."
  • "Yaderlan! Defend tenaciously in the shell! Ah, you are wrong! Pet. It's too troublesome!"
  • "Here is light blue city. Light blue is the colour of water, a mysterious colour."
  • "What a pity! This house has been stolen by thieves!"

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 4-6

Dr Aochider returns to guide you through this Engrish abomination.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • "Though Clark very small, the front teeth can't be looked down on. Have you caught him?"
  • "When you are catching pet, let him get weak as your best. Pet maybe fled if he has a good strength!"
  • "Lost! 56#E-"
  • "Well if they were pet trainer, they wouldn't refuse to compete."
  • "The pet of others belong to others! Only throw monster ball to the wild pet, you can catch them!"
  • "Wait a while! Where are you hurry to?"
  • "Kelar. Mouse. Has long and sharp tooth which always grows up by biting off the hard objects swims with 3-toewebs in the lake."
  • "There are many slenders around the road, aren't there? Cut them off using the trick of pet's, then you can pass through."
  • "Even if slightly shows of while contestingpet, can also learn some experience!"
  • "Certainly can catch, can't it?"
  • "Dark grey is the colour of grey stone."
  • "Think you very much."
  • "I see! I see! Is it little Bika? That I'll do."
  • "It is said that Pipi comes from the moon."
  • "The man who first competes is pet on the toppest of list of pet. May take the advantage if exchanging the order! Try and have a look!"
  • "You said you'll challenge Tarbuichi. Earlier 10000 light years."
  • "Ah! Wrong! 10000 light years... doesn't indicate time! Indicates distance!"
  • "My insistant will reflects in my pet! Insistant and tolerance! Right! Is used."
  • "You, seem to neglect it slightly! Confer you a grey badge admited by alliance pet as a certificate you've won me!"
  • "Pet with a lightning skill. Pet with a lightning skill the skill also can become useful!"
  • "When being attacked, may tolerate silently. Then, redouble a punitive expedition in one vigorous effort!"
  • "Recently there are ruffians stealing dear fossil on the moon-admiring mountain, if you see suspect, take it to the dark grey policeman."
  • "Hey, you wait a movement! Just now you peep me, do you?"

Friday, 10 June 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 1-3

Dr Aochider is an authoritative figure on PET. Join him in his quest through this strange world of mistranslation encompassing many parts. Whether it will ever be completed is up for debate, however.

*Bonus: Silly quotes*
  • "Boys should go to travel whenever he likes. It is said in TV."
  • "If I were stronger, I also can replace guard!"
  • "What a terrific the scientific strength is. It is said prop and pet can be transferred into data and transmitted by PC communication."
  • "Though we saw it, we won't do anything because Dr Aochider is an authoritative person on pet."
  • "You can let pet have a try if here there is petbut wait for OK."
  • "Ah, really! I'm shouting! Wait a movement!"
  • "Oh yes! Give you the sample! Please!"
  • "There is a height difference on the road. To jump down is really terrific, but can go back White City quickly."
  • "For pet, except for strength, has source of vigorous force to show trick. The gist of force, it is the gist of force for trick."
  • "Welcome! To our centre pet! Here of pet recovered his strength."
  • "The centre of pet, befroe here, whichever city has it! Check free!"
  • "Very zeal, do you think so?"
  • "That is queer ball."
  • "Hello! Wait a minute! Listen to me! Hi! Don't go there! I've said it to you!"
  • "Sparrows are twittering baa! Baa!"
  • "Ao! You are you come from White City?"
  • "You should have had of pettrainer! What is given to me?"
  • "Thank you, thank you very much."
  • "Would you be kind enough to do sth. for me?"
  • "You'll waste your energy through your having arrived at lotus pool."
  • "H'm, looks as if drunken! How painful my head is! Sometimes are you very busy?"
  • "All in all, seize pet propagate largely. Propogate largely, it's that contests with trainer."

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Road Rash [Mega Drive] Level 5 Playthrough with Commentary (full)

In case you can't be bothered watching the whole thing in parts, here's the full Road Rash Level 5 playthrough edited into one continuous video.

Full information on this playthrough can be found here.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Roland on the Ropes [Amstrad CPC] Longplay (Widescreen)

Purely and simply, it's the two part Roland Let's Play merged to one 18 minute video. Except now, it's in widescreen! I've also tried to mask some of the screen blare (that's a cross between blur and glare, incidentally), though you can still tell it's a 'point at the screen' affair. Check it out...

Full information on this video can be found here.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Road Rash [Mega Drive] Level 5 Playthrough with Commentary

The Yak returns to torture himself on level five of Road Rash on the Sega Mega Drive. Will he complete it before destroying his controller? Unlikely, but it's still fun to watch.

As usual, you're free to mute the videos if you don't like the sound of my voice, and a lot of people don't, so it wouldn't offend me. Just don't be all up in my face about it, yo?

Disclaimer: I cheated.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Super Mario Challenge TV show - Retro Yakking Reviews

Back at the start of the Nineties video game television was all the rage. Amongst the veritable sea of formal, informative stuff was Super Mario Challenge, a satellite TV-only teatime head to head style affair, and pretty cheesy it was too.

Many an afternoon kids would rush back from school to enjoy TCC's own flagship mindless Mazza cash-in, forgoing Knightmare and Blue Peter in favour of the acting talents of John Lenahan.

Credits theme by bboynoe: "Luigi Plays Super Mario Brothers 3 - Overworld 2 Theme On Guitar." Watch it. It's cool.

Appeal: if you have any footage of SMC, please let me know! After one episode I'm hooked.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

South Korea win the World League - International Superstar Soccer 64 commentary with special guest Skidgle: ISS64 [Nintendo 64]

Skidgle, an acquaintance of mine, is looking at starting a video game review channel. To get him into the swing of things, I suggested we record a commentary or two together last weekend. Though this video wasn't the main focus of our attentions, which you'll find out more about soon, I think it produced one or two interesting points that might make it worthy of an Internet upload.

See if you can spot the new title card for 2011! Well, I suppose it isn't hard, all you need to do is press the play button.

Here's a link to the 40-goal game.

Skidgle's channel will be online soon with a grand launch video starring myself. For those remotely interested, I'll keep you posted on that.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Game Reviewer Archive: Fat Mann Judgeth (UrinatingTree) videos now online

For one reason or other, it seems every video game reviewer goes through a 'mid-life crisis', a symptom of which is the systematic removal of all traces of their work from the Internet in an attempt to move on.

Tired of his favourite video game reviews constantly disappearing from YouTube, Guru Larry, AKA Larry Bundy Junior, AKA That Bloke What Used to be on Games World has taken it upon it himself to create an archive of such videos for us all to enjoy 'til our backsides fall off.

Larry is currently in the process of adding Hellsing and Urinating Tree videos to the Game Reviewer Archive, a noble quest to create a one stop shop (except it's not really a shop because it's all free) containing the best the web gaming community has to offer. It's growing nicely, too, with each new uploaded video upscaled to 480p, so now (well, soon) you can watch your favourite Armake21 videos in supreme quality.

For my part, I've already contributed a bunch of UrinatingTree vids which have been uploaded to the channel over the weekend. I have a fairly comprehensive selection of these, and am in the process of exporting them all one by one in mp4 to try and clean up some of the little glitches and bugs in the original upload. It's by no means a quick process, especially with most of my time eaten up by real life commitments of late, but eventually I plan to get through them all. Next up is Superman, and after that who knows?

Urinating Tree's Batman Forever review (Warning: profanity)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

International Cricket Captain 2001 [PSX] Guerrilla Review

I absolutely love the International Cricket Captain Series and intend to do some proper reviews about it one day, but in the meantime here's a jolly jape recorded one evening last week.

The actual full length video is over 35 minutes, but I'm sure you'd find that rather boring so here's a massively cut down version containing mainly the review elements. It's still quite long, but more suitable for public consumption. I plan to upload the full version somewhere at some point, in case you're interested.

Finally, apologies for the quality. I really need a new camera, or at least try and get my computer recording sound again. Meantime, try and enjoy this if you can :-)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Armake21, AKA BoxedEntertainment, speaks about the closure of his latest YouTube channel (January 2011)

Update July 2011: I'll just leave this here.

Revisiting some of the files I've been bringing together for Guru Larry's (postponed?) Video Game Reviewers archive, I noticed that Armake21 has once again closed his YouTube Channel.
Bummer! I was gonna download some better quality versions of his Action 52 epic, which I think is fantastic.

Here's an explanation from the man himself.
"I'm guessing Marcus just got tired of the bullshit" - Yeah, pretty much.

There are a few who are going to write off that account closing as drunken behavior, but I knew exactly what I was doing at the time. I had left a notice on the sidebar that also warned that I would be closing up shop, but I'm guessing very few people paid attention to it, but to make a long story short-

Things had been going downhill for a while, and I have come to accept the almost rapid decline in quality when I decided to do the "Context Sensitive" series, and in turn attempted to combine a game review series with an storyline to be followed at the same time.

That said, I knew that if I made a big deal of my leaving the review scene and in general YouTube(I keep this channel just to watch vids and occasionally comment), the vultures would swoop in and call it a "cry for pity" as they have before, but also that if I just closed up shop with almost no warning, the vultures would swoop in anyway, and in the process make as many of the remaining fans of both the old and new works think I did it to be a asshole.

That said, I will always remember the comments and response from various people, both the good and bad, and in the end I learned and grew a whole lot, both when it comes to making videos, but also about my own strengths and weaknesses, and I learned to accept that even I could, and did screw up things more then once.

So to all the old and new fans of these videos, and anyone who has left a comment on my previous accounts in the past, know this-

You all contributed to me growing as a film maker, and as a person. So from me to you:

Thank you.
There you have it. Armake is presumably still active over at the Dead Horse Interchange, which he jumped on board with some months ago. For the uninitiated, it's basically run by Mr Montmorency and includes many of your old favourites such as the Fat Mann and Ebeeto. As you might expect, it's horribly profane and toilet humour filled, just the way we like it.

still exists, and the above comment from Marc0 was actually posted as a comment there, so you can still check out his work there.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Metal Gear Solid [PSX]: Dumb Guards (with commentary)

Oh man, this commentary was loads of fun to make. Such is the timeless nature of MGS guard slaughtering, there's still plenty here for those who've seen the original machinima version. In fact, you might possibly be slightly amused by some of the additions since that video, so watch this now!

Apologies for any dropoff in quality from the original recording. This only appeared after I exported the thing, I swear!

Also, Happy New Year!