Saturday, 5 June 2010

FIFA '98: Road to the World Cup [Mega Drive] video review

Edited together on a Bank Holiday afternoon off. Yay for not having anything to do!

I always intended this as a one-day project done in a few hours with no revisions or re-recordings. As a result, there are tons of little inaccuracies in here, like the fact FIFA didn't appear on the Dreamcast, or ISS Deluxe was released just one year before this game. I don't believe AEK Athens are in the game either. Couldn't be bothered going back to fix them though, and anyway, grant me a bit of artistic license, eh?


ayumi said...

I don't even like FIFA games (I'm a girl, lol), but I still had to watch this because I am in love with your accent. LOL xD

Harry Yack said...

Yay! Someone out there doesn't find my accent repulsive :P

I've actually endeavoured to tone it down of late but it's almost impossible. ;)

ayumi said...

noo! don't tone it down! =P it's great!

Martin Gonzalez said...

thanks :)i love all fifa football games.

Harry Yack said...

@Martin Gonzalez

Cheers! There will no doubt be more FIFA stuff in the next year or two(!) After all, there are about a million more versions to cover. Plus I will probably need an outlet for the surplus of football jokes I have building. ;)