Saturday, 12 June 2010

ISS64 Does World Cup 2010 - South Africa v Mexico

It's the contest you've all been waiting for! With the World Cup finally underway, Retro Yakking introduces a special video that pits the hosts South Africa against Mexico in a rerun of the first match of the 2010 competition.

Not really a review, more a commentary on the game, though there are a few bits of critical analysis in there.

More of the same to come, perhaps.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

International Superstar Soccer 64 [N64] detailed team guide

I've revisited the main ISS64 strategy guide over the weekend, fixing one or two things and adding some brand new pics.

It was always a plan to include a more detailed list of teams and their statistics, but as you can see that post is getting quite long now. You can view this entry as an addendum to the 'teams' section, with a few more pointers and concrete stats on the best and worst teams in the game.

Team stats
Team                        Of   Df   Tot
World Stars 99 99 99
All American Stars 98 95 97
Brazil 98 94 96
Euro Stars B 95 94 95
Euro Stars A 92 96 94
Germany 91 95 93
Italy 87 98 93
England 90 89 90
France 85 89 87
Holland 92 80 86
Argentina 89 83 86
African Stars 80 81 86
Czech Republic 85 84 85
Russia 83 84 84
Bulgaria 91 77 84
Nigeria 90 78 84
Colombia 88 80 84
Spain 81 84 83
Romania 84 79 82
Mexico 81 82 82
Uruguay 84 80 82
Scotland 78 83 81
Switzerland 80 79 80
Portugal 81 79 80
Croatia 89 71 80
South Africa 80 77 79
Norway 78 75 77
Denmark 79 78 77
Sweden 82 72 77
Ireland 75 79 77
Asian Stars 75 78 77
U.S.A 71 81 76
Wales 73 72 73
Northern Ireland 71 75 73
Poland 73 70 72
Belgium 73 69 71
Austria 67 74 71
Greece 61 77 69
Cameroon 75 63 69
Japan 61 71 66
Turkey 69 61 65
Republic of Korea 63 59 61

World Stars are, somewhat predictably, the best team in the game, bringing together the skill of the South American giants and power of the European sides.

Of the 'proper' teams, Brazil are the best, outranking even the Euro Stars teams in terms of total skill. Their star striker, Allejo, is by far the game's highest ranking attacker with a total score of 86 and a shot accuracy of 99.

Germany and Italy represent the best of the European challenge, the latter possessing the best defensive ability in the game. Their frontline is also not to be sniffed at, with each of their three strikers rating 80 or above.

England have improved significantly from their previous outing in ISS Deluxe, promoted to the fourth best team (and the cross of St. George is now centred like it should be). T. Keegan (FW, rates 80), J. Platt (MF, 77) and F. Morley (MF/FW, 76) are the guys to look out for here.

Holland have a superb attack, with some quality centre midfield/forward players and an excellent goalkeeper. Koppers (MF/FW, 80) and Visscher (MF/FW, 81) are the star guys.

Bulgaria are also a surprisingly good attacking team, with Penev (MF/FW, 78) Milakov (MF/FW, 75) rating highest.

South Korea are the game's worst team, with a decidedly average defence (a mere 59) and poor stamina levels. Each of their players look rather similar, indicating the programmers didn't even bother creating individual faces. Maybe they thought nobody would ever pick them? Only Kim (69), in the centre of midfield, possesses any real skill.

Come to think of it, none of the Asian teams are very well represented, indicated by the quite frankly rubbish Asian Stars. Still, at least they're better than Wales, only just.

Speaking of Wales, they have a fantastic attacker in the form of Melville, who I guess is supposed to represent Ryan Giggs. He's let down only by his stamina, down at a respectable 79, but he's otherwise a great player. Left midfielder J. Walker is also worth looking out for.

Scotland represent the batch of modest, fairly-good-but-not-exceptional teams in the game, with each of their players in the 60s. Goalie G. McCall and attacker McLaren (both 68) are their star men. Northern Ireland don't really have anything to shout about, but their midfield playmaker, Mahoney, has some skill at 65. Republic of Ireland fare slightly better, though they are still outperformed by Scotland, who were something of a force in the mid-90s.

Of the African teams, Nigeria are certainly the best, possessing a good, all-round team and a potent attacking lineup. South Africa far outrank Cameroon, with a few 67s in there to save themselves from mediocrity.

Argentina aren't as good as you might expect in ISS64. Heck, even England are better, somehow! They're still a decent side, though, with their fair share of excellent attackers - Fuerte (81), Hajo (76) and Redonda (79). A force to be reckoned with, indeed.

Fellow South Americans Uruguay are not to be dismissed, either, as they have an attack averaging 73 and some solid central defenders. Colombia are fairly similar, but have the phlegmatic centre-mid playmaker Murillo to boast in addition. Overall, the American sides are extremely well represented, as you might expect from their real life counterparts.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

FIFA '98: Road to the World Cup [Mega Drive] video review

Edited together on a Bank Holiday afternoon off. Yay for not having anything to do!

I always intended this as a one-day project done in a few hours with no revisions or re-recordings. As a result, there are tons of little inaccuracies in here, like the fact FIFA didn't appear on the Dreamcast, or ISS Deluxe was released just one year before this game. I don't believe AEK Athens are in the game either. Couldn't be bothered going back to fix them though, and anyway, grant me a bit of artistic license, eh?