Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Xanagrams [Amstrad CPC] video review

This is, in actual fact, my very first attempt at a video game review from way back in September 2008 (which explains the dated copyright screen). Up until a couple of days ago, it lay untouched complete with horrible audio quality on my old computer. Now, thanks to the wonders of audio cleaning technology, I present to you a hissless version of my cacky Xanagrams review. Oh lucky you!

I also note this is the first ever Xanagrams YouTube video. A landmark, if only in my own mind.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Harrier Attack [Amstrad CPC] Bog Standard Review

At last! The Harrier Attack beeping review the way it was meant to be... kind of. Thanks to advances in compootah technology, Retro Yakking is proud to present to you an audio cleaned, high quality version of one of its first reviews. Minted, I'm sure you'll agree.

This video re-edits the original capture to sync up the audio a bit better, remove the intrusive beeping and bump up the contrast so you can actually see what's going on. Which is what you've all been waiting for, I'm sure.

Sadly there were one or two things I could not fix, but then the aforementioned technology has not yet extended to plagiarism or boringness filters, sadly. Oh yeah, and you can just about hear the faint remnants of the bleeping in parts. Do not worry, this is normal.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Roland on the Ropes [Amstrad CPC] The LP

Mwahah! Time for something a little bit different, methinks. This Let's Play / Longplay video was recorded on the same afternoon as the Fruit Machine guerilla review and hence uses the same method of 'pointing the camera at the screen and talking over it like a wally'. Fun eh?

Apologies for the substandard audio and video quality here, but I guess that's the nature of the medium. After all, considering the state of my computer it's actually physically difficult to record this kind of thing any other way, unless you like putting up with audio skips and such like. Which I suppose you don't.

Nonetheless, I hope for a higher quality product to be winging its way to you for our next video instalment. As for what that might be, who knows? I haven't actually been doing much recording or even playing games recently, but I will say a project is in the offing. As usual, I won't promise too much in case something goes badly wrong, but I will say I'm working on something that's a bit of a change from the usual.

Ooh, what is it? You'll have to wait and see. Meantime, here's Row-laaahnd.

Part one

Part two