Sunday, 10 January 2010

Metal Gear Solid - Dumbarse Guards [PSX]

The Genome Soldiers in Metal Gear Solid must win the award for least intelligent video game characters, at least on the Playstation. This was brought to my attention recently when I began to play the game again for the first time in five years.

Now, I don't profess to be any good at it, quite the contrary, in fact: even with my rusty marksmanship and weak muscle memory I still managed to outwit the guards on more than one occasion. Mind you, I WAS using stealth camouflage most of the time.

I originally had a commentary lined up for this but decided not to include it and the let the cinematic and atmospheric nature of the game speak for itself.
  • Gameplay is on the easy level to accentuate the stupidity of the guards.
  • Recorded from a PS1 onto VHS, ripped to DVD then edited using computer software. Exported in AVI.

Commentary for this vid may appear on my blip account at some point in the future.

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