Thursday, 1 October 2009

Status update: what's going on at RY Towers

Don't worry, I haven't died.. well not yet, anyway. I'm currently playing Premier Manager to death, seeing if I can create a team with completely maxed out stats. Dunno if it's possible, as if it's any similar to International Cricket Captain (the original one) I'll most likely be forced to retire after about 20 seasons, scuppering my attempts!

Elsewhere, I managed to pick up a few Mega Drive games for a quid each from the boot sale on Sunday, but I haven't had time to test them out yet. When I do, perhaps we shall have some more guerrilla reviews, hopefully of higher quality this time.

Just another quick shout out for the YouTube channel, where I intend to upload a couple of non-review vids at some point in the future. Should I get time, it would be nice to create a few more lo-tech, cheaply and easily made vids that don't require massive amounts of editing or fiddling around with. Watch out for those, and keep an eye out for more vids.

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