Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cartridges are becoming increasingly hard to find

I popped into my local Gamestation yesterday to see if I could grab myself some bargains, but was in for a bit of a shock. There were a couple of games in particular that were selling for waaay more than anything else in the retro games section - Phantasy Star II & III. I am aware of this series, though I didn't know that the games were so rare that shops would slap a price tag of £25 on them over 20 years after their original release.

Still, at least this shop actually had Mega Drive game carts. I spent a large part of Sunday morning looking through second hand game shops in Bolton, to no avail. I did find a PGA European Tour cart at the bottom of a box in a charity shop, but guess what? I already have that. Maybe I should've picked it up for a quid anyway.

Apart from the Phantasy Star 'revelation', there were one or two good deals in the Wigan Gamestation. I picked up a Mega Drive II with two controllers, Mega Games II, Sonic, Bart vs. the Space Mutants and Shadow of the Beast II for ten quid (pictured above). I've done a video about this in which I brag about how good it is - you might see that at some point in the next few days, so watch out.

I also got a copy of PC Brian Lara Cricket 2005 for the bargain price of 98 pence. Hmm, I wonder if that's a clue as to whether this game sucks? Anyhow, I now own the original BLC, Lara 96, Lara 99 and now BLC05 so that sounds a bit like a series review doesn't it? Don't hold your breath...

Currently uploading to YouTube is a new guerrilla review, but don't get your hopes up too much. The quality isn't that great, but I found the commentary quite funny. The game is Streets of Rage on the Mega Drive, which surprisingly I hadn't ever played up until yesterday evening.

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