Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Road Rash [Mega Drive] video review

With this video review (my first, no less), I was aiming for a spoof promo-style production. Took me a while to finish, maybe a week of editing.

[ Video transcript: ]

Enter the world of illegal street racing.

Kick the snot out of cops, fellow competitors and everything else that gets in your way. Listen to the grunts of discontent as you execute a perfectly timed kick in the nuts.

Watch in awe as a large estate powers into your newly purchased Kawasaki. Laugh heartily as you smash some guy with a mildly intimidating name over the head. Whimper as you struggle to control the most powerful bike in the game because you decided to enter a cheat code.

Make your fellow miscreants eat dust as you power your way to the California State Championship. $140? Sniff my wad!

So throw away that Need For Speed CD and dig out your Road Rash cartridge for some pure unadulterated thuggery. Say goodbye to Super Hang On, for the next generation of bike racing is here, and with a bit of luck you won't even have to bother about buying a new muffler every five minutes.

Illegal street racing? Erm, no! I was just driving to my mother's house... she's very ill you know.

[ End ]

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